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The absolute protagonist of the Indoor Collection is the new Roger seating system by Rodolfo Dordoni, accompanied by the Belt collection, also by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Lido seats by GamFratesi, the Brasilia and Superquadra furniture families by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27.

As a site-specific installation, tailor-made on each occasion to suit its hosting venue, the Roger seating system is the result of an open design, to be composed with imagination and personalised with style. Exceptionally versatile, it is designed to meet the full range of requirements in terms of layout and use, while its eclectic character makes it capable of intercepting a variety of taste categories and boasts an extensive range offering endless design solutions.

Roger is signed by Rodolfo Dordoni and was developed in collaboration with Minotti, whose distinctive imprint is visible in its soft volumes, sophisticated upholstery and sartorial craftsmanship.

The inspiration behind the Belt family, also by Rodolfo Dordoni, is the idea of a belt that draws the profile of the body, encircling it, then breaking off and fastening on the front of the seat, using a ultra-sophisticated crafting process. The family consists of a sofa, armchair, bergère with ottoman, a smaller lounge armchair and a dining little armchair.

The Brasilia family, composed of solutions that range from the living room to the night area, is signed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27. Characterised by a Mid-Century aesthetic, with elegant structural details and enhanced by the use of Dark Brown stained palisander Santos, it embodies a very precise, contemporary, minimal style rooted in Brazilian modernism.

Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 also proposes Superquadra, a family of furniture that includes storage units, tables, benches and coffee tables in Dark Brown stained palisander Santos. The pieces flaunt pure, geometric forms that emphasise the sophisticated combinations of materials, creating a refined contrast between wood, painted aluminium, marble and padded volumes.

All these elements feature the same materials and proportions, inspired by an elegant rationalism and the Brazilian architect’s distinctive style.

Designed by Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi, Lido is a comfortable basket-like nest with a round seat. The design, inspired by the 1950s, is expressed in a seat with an enveloping line that defines the padded body, supported by an X-shaped sculptural base or on wooden legs. The family also includes little dining and lounge armchairs, in addition to various coffee tables.

The 2021 Collection is so rich and varied that it easily adapts to the world of workspaces, elegantly interpreting professional environments such as board rooms, meeting rooms, management offices and high level lobbies through the Studio Collection. This new direction taken by the brand, destined to be further developed in the future, is inaugurated by two projects by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27: Linha Studio, Daiki Studio and the Superquadra table, this one also interpreted for use in professional environments.

The evolution of the dining table designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 in 2020, the Linha Studio desk is available in five sizes, from the suite desk to larger sizes for the office. Visually, the sculptural frame is extremely light and aerial, drawing a large bridged area with the top lying flush to the thick sides and two drawers underneath on the left side. Linha responds to the challenge of designing a desk with a slender frame.

Inspired by the designers’ many trips to Japan, the Daiki seat is now available in an office version. Made using a sophisticated wood crafting technique, the curved body provides a snug fit for the cushioning. Daiki Studio comes in five versions, all designed for different uses and functions.

The concept of a fluid passage between indoor and outdoor environments, able to abolish the strict boundaries between indoor and outdoor, is reaffirmed in the 2021 Outdoor Collection. Having almost exclusively explored the use of wood for a long period, now, for the very first time, Minotti is presenting a seating system with an unexpected combination of different materials. The versatility of the collection makes it easy to use in relaxation, dining and conversation areas, in the residential and hospitality sectors, each time creating a surprising landscape that is never ordinary.

With Patio, designed by GamFratesi, Minotti proposes for the outdoor spaces a seating system with a highly versatile modularity. It is conceived as a dynamic mosaic, composed of tesserae in simple geometric shapes, which can be pieced together as desired, and reconfigured to suit the available space and the mood to be created. The variety of compositions becomes even more interesting when the selected materials are masterfully combined: the extruded aluminium base is accompanied by wood, stone and cord, according to a Scandinavian-type design.

The Lido family, also by GamFratesi, is a design that perfectly expresses Minotti’s will to create a single design for different environments, Indoor and Outdoor. Lido Cord Outdoor is comprised of a sofa, armchair, footstool, dining and lounge little armchairs, all with an enveloping design that conveys the idea of a comfortable nest.

Designed by nendo for indoor environments in 2020, Torii Nest migrates to open-air living spaces, in the armchair, lounge and dining little armchairs versions, all available in a fixed or swivel without return versions. The seats feature a playful combination of round edged volumes and thin profiles. The varnished tubular steel frame of the backrest is covered in woven cord, sportin a design inspired by Vienna straw, but with a larger mesh.

With its signature blend of grand creativity, imagination and constant, careful technological research, the dedicated creative department within Minotti Studio has produced a variety of leather and fabrics that fully express the mood of the designs in the 2021 Collection. The brand new Indoor / Outdoor Textile & Leather Collection, created exclusively for the company, aims to enhance and add value to the sartorial craftsmanship and couture spirit of sofas and seats.

The new products of the 2021 Collection await you at Supersalone and at the Minotti Concept Store by Misura Arredamenti.


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By Misura Arredamenti, Milan
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