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Beauty in all its many shades tells the story of Julia’s home, passionate travel writer: an intimate refuge with a contemporary, ethereal and fluid vibe expressing an elegant, eclectic style that is the perfect reflection of its owner’s personality. 
In the living area, characterised by delicate composure and great harmony, Julia can really be herself. A calm, sunny place - sporting the warm, gentle shades of beige and sand, decorated with natural materials and wood - in which every piece of furniture, every accessory, with its own individual, subtle presence, conveys an exceptional, refined elegance, creating a unique, authentic mood based on playful combinations of style, shapes and colours, between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

When she returns from her travels, the large square chaise-longue of Julia’s Connery sofa is where she finds her ideal oasis. An exceptionally comfy seat, with soft cushions featuring light stitching, it gives rhythm to her everyday life, providing a pleasant place for relaxing, working and dreaming, in peaceful solitude, and in the company of guests.

A sofa that reflects the owner’s impeccable taste, characterised by exquisite sartorial details, clearly visible on the padded base and repeated on the leather shelves cleverly built into the sofa, all made using the same technique used to craft high-end luggage.

In perfect harmony with Connery, the ample Boteco low table with Orobico Grey marble top featuring golden nuances is home to Julia’s precious books, and alongside it, the Torii swivel armchair in soft nubuk leather, envelopes Julia in her free time: a seat which, in the swivel dining version, accompanies the large Linha dining table with marble top, ideal for entertaining friends on special occasions. 

While waiting for her guests to arrive, Julia can’t resist the temptation of relaxing on the terrace among the soft cushions of her winding Florida sofa. With its unique modular form, on one hand it interacts with the original Fynn Outdoor armchairs, covered with a vibrant blue floral fabric and, on the other, it basks in the light and warmth from the large brazier, a glow that adds an extra, striking dimension to the atmosphere, bringing to mind memories and images of faraway lands.

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