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The home of George, established architect, exudes exquisite elegance and a strong personality.
The interiors, flawless and discreet, feature deep, enveloping shades of colour, describing the identity of a space with an openly masculine, rigorous design style.
An elegant, silent space, enhanced by natural materials, such as naturally split stone, and the tobacco-coloured staves on the wall, it interprets memories, creates dreams and reconnects George to his passion for architecture: it is here, in the house he designed for himself, constantly inspired by creativity and beauty, that he rediscovers his inner self, far from the hectic pace of his work and the noises of the city.

The harmony of the living area, with unexpected glimpses and accurate details, is highlighted by the carefully chosen, precise lines of the furniture, starting with the pure, bold shapes of the Connery seating system. With its round chaise-longue and soft cushioning, entirely in Argilla leather, it adds a note of contemporary flair and character to the space. Alongside it, a pair of Daiki armchairs with shell in palisander Santos and padded seats covered in a delicate white fabric create an intimate corner, interspersed by a small Mattia coffee table.

The vibe created by the minimal, pure materials of the Linha coffee table in the centre of the room, with top in Sahara Noir marble featuring gold and white veining, is also reflected in the aesthetic of the elegant Boteco sideboard, also in palisander Santos, with open side and built-in tray covered in marble. Furniture that designs a scenario of tranquil simplicity, which accentuates George’s everyday movements, as if part of real rituals.

In perfect harmony with the living area, separated only by sliding glass partitions, the refined style of the interiors and the incomparable comfort of the upholstered elements are extended outdoors by the magnificent terrace. The centrepiece is a large Sunray composition, with seating elements of different depths and soft cushions in white fabric, punctuated by a practical surface, delicately set on a horizontal surface in teak, tapered at the edges. It sits alongside a pair of Fynn Outdoor armchairs, with their characteristic elongated and slightly curved arms, creating a unique sensation of elegance and relaxation. Teak is the recurring feature, a material capable of instantly characterising the connection with nature and stimulating a visual and tactile experience.

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