Roger Bed

Roger Bed

Roger Bed

De líneas esenciales y formas esbeltas, la cama Roger retoma el concepto del sistema de asientos del mismo nombre tanto en el efecto aéreo como en la estética de alta costura del cabecero, acolchado con sofisticadas costuras horizontales y ribeteado en todo su perímetro. Su carácter transversal permite tapizarlo con todos los tejidos y pieles de la exclusiva colección Minotti y colocarlo en entornos de descanso pertenecientes a diferentes áreas de muy diversos gustos.

El sutil somier de plataforma suspendida tiene un corte sartorial y está tapizado en tela o cuero y enriquecido con una sofisticada manufactura y costuras de satén: las tiras de cuero de la base estructural están cosidas entre ellas mediante ribetes y trabajadas con la misma técnica que se utiliza para las maletas más sofisticadas.

La cama, que también está disponible en una versión con somier de cuero y cabecero de tela, ofrece una comodidad absoluta, gracias también a la inclinación diagonal del cabecero, que recuerda a la del sistema de asientos Roger y proporciona una correcta postura de lectura. Levantada 13 cm del suelo, descansa sobre unas láminas de soporte de aluminio extruido pintadas en color Black Coffee brillante, retranqueadas del perímetro de la cama.

Roger está disponible en una selección de cinco anchos.
One-piece free-standing bed frame in very thick plywood. The bed frame is designed to accommodate pocket springs covered with a surface layer of high-resilience (CF-free) polyurethane foam. A perforated plywood panel, placed under the springs, facilitates air circulation. An additional perforated technical fabric covering on the upper part of the bed frame allows greater circulation of air throughout the spring structure. Headboard in plywood, padded with high-resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam. Bed frame and headboard are then covered with heat-bonded fibre laminated to white cotton fabric that lends a soft fluffiness to the padding while isolating it from the fabric, ensuring the product is hygienic. The headboard is tailored with a linear embroidery quilted motif that laminates the thick heat-bonded fibre and the white cotton fabric to the upholstery with a longitudinal pattern. Upholstery is available in all-fabric or all-leather or with the bed frame in leather and the headboard in fabric. When the bed frame is upholstered in leather, it is always made with strips of leather, using the same techniques as those for fine luggage, and features hand-finished stitching.
The base of the bed includes the modern base with pocket sprungs that, along with the “Comfort H20/25” mattress, promises an extremely restful night’s sleep.
Completely removable fabric or leather upholstery. To facilitate upholstery removal, the headboard can be lifted out of the bed frame by means of the handles located at the bottom.
Weight-bearing, in extruded aluminium with varnished polished anti-fingerprint Black Coffee colour finish. Oil-free, non-staining polyethylene glides.
Given the architecture of the bed, it is not possible to insert a slatted base or adjust mattress height.
A) All-fabric upholstery. All-leather upholstery. B) Bed frame upholstered in Aspen leather, headboard in fabric.
Upholstery made of leather, Alcantara or velvet has additional vertical stitching along the headboard that interrupts the linear embroidered quilting motif.

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