The instinct for the continuity of shapes, and lines, and for consistency of language and style typical of Minotti’s modus operandi, is embodied in the Dylan modular seating system. A multifaceted and versatile lexicon in which the rigour of forms is combined with their ability to accommodate. Refined and articulated volumes come together to bring to life a system expressed in three variants capable of meeting different areas of taste and as many ways of experiencing the domestic and Hospitality spaces. 

Dylan, in the version with a suspended base raised 13,5 cm from the ground by thin extruded aluminium blades in Bronze or Pewter colour, has a particularly airy and modern feel, matching a more contemporary style, at the same time shining a spotlight on its couturier details. A project that offers a perfect balance between design essentiality and density of details combining light aesthetics with high quality comfort. The Dylan Small version takes up the same aesthetic, but with a more compact depth, specifically designed to bring the same taste of high tailoring into smaller domestic environments or more calibrated Hospitality spaces. Dylan Low, finally, sits only 7,5 cm off the ground and expresses a more classic and traditional personality, in line with a formal aesthetic taste. 

The fil rouge linking the three different types is represented by the seat and backrest cushions, punctuated by soft, couture-inspired stitching, which make this system a timeless classic, albeit with novel and contemporary flexibility and modularity. 

The rigorous shapes of the Dylan modular seating system, however, go beyond the stitching of the cushions, turning into volumes in which the geometries become sinuous and enveloping, thanks to the soft curves of the backrest and armrest that create a fulfilling sense of cosiness.

The complex and sophisticated manufacturing construction also animates the suspended base of Dylan, which uses the same tailoring technique developed for the Connery modular seating system: the leather or fabric strips are sewn together by means of webbing and punctuated by stitching that gives rhythm to the seat cushioning and adds a further couture note to the design of the project.

Every detail of Dylan combines the tailoring of the upholstery with the multifaceted vision of a rational architecture that passes from the space to the furniture, balancing and perfectly integrating it with the contemporary way of interpreting and experiencing living spaces.

A multifaceted and versatile lexicon in which the rigour of forms is combined with their ability to accommodate.

Technical Features

Seat in metal-reinforced plywood. The seat structure is padded with high-resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam with high-rubber-content elastic webbing to maximize comfort. The plywood armrest and backrest structures are covered in high-resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam, then encased in breathable heat-bonded polyester quilted fibre laminated to white cotton fabric. All of the materials employed in manufacturing the quilting are hypoallergenic and made with recycled materials. Tailoring of the backrest/armrest structure upholstery and of the seat and backrest cushions is distinguished by piping and couture-inspired soft top-stitching that convey an immediate sense of comfort, thanks to the slight curve of the backrest and armrest. To increase fluffiness, the backrest and armrest upholstery has quilting that joins the thick heat-bonded fibre encased in white cotton fabric to the upholstery. The structural base is sheathed in strips of fabric or leather, tailored using the same techniques used in the Connery seating system, stitched together using laces embellished with fine hand-finished stitching.
Table-top surfaces
The seating system includes the option of a top laminated MDF and aluminium, for some elements, 18 mm thick, in ash veneer with open pore Moka colour lacquer finish or open-pore Tobacco colour stain, available in various sizes and configurations.
For removal of upholstery, the backrest/armrest elements and table-tops (where included) can easily be lifted out by releasing the levers located underneath the support structure. If needed, this operation can also be used to facilitate shipping and delivery.
Seat and backrest cushions, padded in high-loft channelled goose down to lend greater softness and increase comfort, undergo routine sanitization as specified in EC Regulation No. 1069/2009 (Assopiuma certified, Gold Label). They are then encased in breathable heat-bonded fibre laminated to white hypoallergenic cotton fabric. Seat cushions with high resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam insert are covered in the upper part with temperaturesensitive polyurethane material. Backrest cushions with core insert in high-resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam in material that is also temperature-sensitive and contoured to adapt perfectly to the sophisticated, functional shape of the upholstered backrest.
Upholstery for the structure, seat and backrest cushions is completely removable in all versions (fabric and leather).
A) All-fabric or all-leather upholstery;
B) base upholstered in cat. Nature Leather, seat and backrest cushions in fabric.
Made of plywood coated in high-resilience polyurethane foam, then sheathed in breathable, heat-bonded fiber laminated to white cotton canvas. To improve adherence of the element to the seat, a counterweight is inserted inside the fabric strip where it meets the seat cushion. Headrest upholstery can be chosen from among the fabric or leather in the sample books; if not specified at the time the order is placed, it will be matched to the sofa upholstery. Non-slip fabric on the bottom. Cover completely removable.
Weight-bearing, in extruded aluminium with varnished polished anti-fingerprint Bronze or Pewter colour finish. Bronze or black colour protective polyethylene glides to match the base finish.
It is not possible to make the base of this product using the following fabrics: Velvet, Gary, Hunt, Kabuki, Kerlin, Leopold, Tibet Square, Timothy.

2D 模型

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3D 模型

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