Xi'An, Bund One Residential

Xi'An, Bund One

A new residential project, “Bund One”, emerges in the heart of Xi’an in China. Six skyscrapers that combine residential apartments (whose dimensions and internal layouts are worthy of individual villas) with VIP club and exclusive services for the community of people who live there.

Characterised by expansive views of the surrounding area, the interior of the residential complex depicts the habits and tastes of the homeowner through the considered choice of Minotti furnishing pieces, in a fabulous combination of bestsellers and pieces from more recent collections.

The residence encompasses two levels. On the first level there is the living area (a space designed for being together) and on the second can be found the more private rooms.

The living space has been designed as one single area so that the formal side of the homeowner’s life may coexist alongside their family life. Dining, living and kitchen areas merge seamlessly together and the different functions of the spaces are defined by the layout of furnishing pieces.

The iconic Hamilton seating system designed by Rodolfo Dordoni forms the real domestic hearth of the home, opening the boundaries for how the living space communicates with the surrounding area. Relaxation comes with the Daiki armchair by Marcio Kogan / Studio MK27, while the generously proportioned Linha dining table and Fil Noir dining chairs by Christophe Delcourt mean it is possible to spend time with others.

Everything has been designed to enjoy the view and the light from the huge floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the banks of the River Wei. The open-plan visibility is also respected through the use of double-sided shelving, which creates partitions that flood otherwise dark areas with natural light. This is the case with the office and TV area, where the soft, inviting design of the Aston armchair continues with the half curves of the Lounge Seymour sofa.

On the upper level, the master bedroom has a corner window that highlights the surface area of the room and creates the sense that this goes on and on. A sense of texture is found in the layering of furnishing elements, from the Dibbets rug to the Lawrence Bed with headboard in an original combination of fabric and nubuck leather, along with the wood of the Lou nightstands and, to finish off, the Freeman Tailor bench at the foot of the bed. This continuous balance of design and emotion is also developed in the two other rooms; one with Yang Bed and reading area with Tape seating, and the other with Tatlin-Cover bed.

From the soft, harmonious hues of the bedrooms, we move to the impactful outdoor space on the top floor, where an amazing view creates a strong dialogue between the natural and the artificial, and between the order of the furnishing pieces and nature’s energy.

The outdoor space is furnished with Rivera seating system by Rodolfo Dordoni along with Tape Cord Outdoor sofa by Nendo and Bellagio Outdoor coffee tables by Gordon Guillaumier.

The aesthetic and functional continuity of the furnishing pieces heightens the sense of perfect integration between nature and architecture, recreating the Minotti lifestyle and the idea that, when it comes to indoors and outdoors, there are no boundaries, only projects.

  • Year
  • Interior Design Project
    Jacci Mayee design team
  • Furniture supplier
    Minotti Xi’an
  • Photography
    Feifei Gao

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